Participation Prerequisites

When registering for the first time, the Applicant should select a main activity – Construction, Production, Services or Supply of Materials and Equipment – and the primary region of your company's activity. In the qualification form, you can add the regions where you have carried out work/supplies or have organisation branches.

Quick Applicant Guidelines

To expedite company audits and streamline operations, we recommend that you submit a set of documents following the list below.

List of Documents

Copy of the Certificate of State Registration of the Legal Entity (OGRN)


Copy of the Taxpayer Identification Number (INN) Certificate


Copy of the decision on the establishment of the Company


Copy of the decision on the establishment (incorporation) of the Company; Copy of the decision on the establishment (incorporation) of the Company


Copy of the agreement on the establishment of the Company (for LLC) or the shareholders' agreement (for OJSC or CJSC)


Extract from the list of participants (for LLC) or an extract from the register of shareholders (for OJSC or CJSC)


The counterparty is required to submit quarterly financial statements specified in paragraphs 10-16

The mentioned documents are submitted in copies certified by the head of the organization (person acting as head of the organization), sealed and sent in pdf format. Copies of documents containing more than one page should be numbered, bound, signed by the head of the organisation or the person acting as head of the organisation, and sealed.

Additional documents may be requested following the submission of information, including the minutes (decision) on approval of a major transaction.


Anti-Corruption and Prevention of Theft

If you become aware of PIONEER employees committing (planning to commit) corruption offences or any acts that violate property or other rights and lawful interests of the company, you can report them by:


Security and Internal Control Department

Russia, 119435, Moscow, 3 Malaya Pirogovskaya Street

Applicants are guaranteed the objectivity of consideration of any message, as well as the non-disclosure of the source of the message. Anonymous appeals are also considered.

Tender rules
Ongoing Tenders
  • Construction and Design
  • Construction and Design
  • Construction and Design
  • Construction and Design
For the supply of materials or equipment issues:
For CIW and DSW tenders:

Larisa Ogloblina

Leading specialist of the tenders and procurement service